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The secret of success

With the days getting longer, and the ground beginning to thaw, the world of sport is beginning to wake up with champions league football, international rugby and formula 1 all offering a reminder that winter will soon be over.  Success and failure within these disciplines may be largely driven by resource (talent, money) but time and again organizational effectiveness and the ability to allow individuals to perform are the keys to longer term consistency.  These kind of structural investments require vision, time and planning and are largely invisible in the glare of the media.

Watching the best practitioners operate within sport / music / film it is clear that much directly translates and can be applied to engineering as a whole.  Talking to our peers at trade shows often reveals common issues but perhaps we would be better placed to wander into the show next door and see how others tackle societal and demographic challenges.  The best ideas and inspirations are after all often simply every day knowledge elsewhere.

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