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Under pressure

After four years of R&D we are now rolling-out PtFS for injection molding.  With the pressures involved in injection molding environments substantially higher and the cycle times far shorter than compression molding this has required significant upgrades to the tool stack (mold base & face) and control software.  Enhanced lightweight mould face designs to withstand pressure and new control logic that allows us to run within existing cycle are just two of the areas we’ve been working on.

Why hasn’t this been done before?  Of course rapid heat and cool systems with multi-zonal control already exist but PtFS is unique in that it employs a pixelated physical architecture where the mold cavity is divided into zones which are all heated & cooled independently of each other using a process we call ‘active thermal management’.  This uses a single fluid to heat / cool which means there is no bias – allowing constant, real-time, temperature adjustment.  This platform is manipulated using a real-time operating system and powerful software suite to allow highly complex thermal profiles to manipulate flow and influence heating / cooling rates and timings within tightly constrained business rules.

Having created the first digital moulding environment we can now manipulate / fix everything in software.  By varying the pixel size and power density we can raise of lower control fidelity to address global or localised issues such as weld lines and sink marks.

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