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Mists of time

So where did Surface Generation and PtFS come from?  20 years of working in advanced manufacturing, over a million miles on long haul flights, pounding trade show floors around the world, talking to the best and brightest minds to understand the engineering challenges of tomorrow.  The result? An upside down view of the world that is just strange enough to work.

Use air to heat and cool metal?  Bit of a strange first step because just about everything else would have been better, but if you want to make aerospace composites then it’s about as safe and clean as it gets.  Since then we’ve continually made other brilliantly odd choices to get PtFS to where it is today.

And where is this?  Honestly with the rate things keep developing we’re not entirely sure but it would seem (to us anyway) that we have the most sophisticated temperature controlled molding process in the world.  Designed to mould plastics, metals and glass up to 1,000 degrees C, PtFS is busy overturning conventional wisdom one assumption at a time.

While everyone else is still messing around with analogue we’ve gone digital! Not what we started out looking for as teenagers – no not by a long chalk – but there you have it.  Life is not predictable and if it was it would be boring (and boring around here is a banned word).

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