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Surface Generation featured in TTP’s Inside:Technology

Surface Generations’ CEO Ben Halford was recently interviewed by Alex Stewart for the latest issue of The Technology Partnership’s (TTP) Inside:Technology review.

This unique publication gives insights into emerging high technology companies from across the UK in sectors as diverse as communications, energy, biotech, medical, materials and manufacturing.  In this issue Surface Generation featured along side Flexible CambridgeAmpiumEconic TechnologiesIceotopeRapid Biosensor Systems and Azuri Technologies.

The article discusses how the company was spun out of a consultancy to commercialise reconfigurable mould tooling technology before developing its state-of-the-art rapid heat / cool thermal control process that is now revolutionising the way advanced materials such as carbon fibre composites and injection moulded optics are processed through a combination of patented hardware and software innovations.

Download the full article here: TTP inside:technology Issue17 SG

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