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WMG adopts Surface Generation technologies to develop lightweight automotive components

Surface Generation, a provider of advanced composite processing technologies, today announced that WMG at the University of Warwick has adopted its advanced composite processing technologies to develop new manufacturing techniques for lightweight, carbon fibre reinforced vehicle body architectures. Funded by the Technology Strategy Board, WMG is using Surface Generation’s patented Production to Functional Specifications (PtFS) process as part of […]

Surface Generation licences processing technology to TenCate to lower the cost of composite fabrication

Surface Generation today announced that TenCate Advanced Composites has selected Surface Generation’s composite processing technology for faster and more efficient production of fibre reinforced composites for the company’s clients in the aerospace and industrial sectors. By integrating Surface Generation’s patented “Production to Functional Specifications” (PtFS) processing technology into its capabilities, TenCate is able to reduce the cycle time to […]

Surface Generation opens demonstration facility in Taiwan with UNIC Technology

Surface Generation, a provider of advanced composite processing technologies, today signalled the start of a major expansion in Asia with the opening of a dedicated compression moulding demonstration facility in Taiwan with partner UNIC Technology. Both companies will work to bring Surface Generation’s patented Production to Functional Specifications process (PtFS) to the consumer electronics sector as an integrated processing solution. PtFS […]

Surface Generation provides ETH Zurich with advanced composite processing test rig

Surface Generation, a provider of advanced processing technologies, today announced that it has provided the Centre of Structure Technology (IMES-ST) at ETH Zurich, one of the world’s leading Universities, with a highly sophisticated test environment for liquid composite injection moulding. Surface Generation’s custom-built test rig is the first to precisely mirror production line processes while enabling researchers to visually […]

Cytec and Surface Generation trials highlight step-change in carbon fibre composite manufacturing

Trials conducted by Cytec’s industrial materials business (formed by the legacy Cytec HPIM and the legacy Umeco), an international leader in advanced composite materials and composite tooling technology, and Surface Generation Ltd, a provider of advanced processing technologies, have demonstrated a significant advance in the production of carbon fibre-reinforced composite parts. Testing using Cytec (previously known as Umeco)’s market […]