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3D printing, injection molding, compression molding, hot forming are just a few of the things we’re up to at the moment.  It’s all been a little strange over the past few years as whatever we try with PtFS seems to work with fairly hefty benefits like 75% reduction in pressures and 95% less energy.  We’d be lying if we said effortlessly but by and large this door keeps swinging open and boy some of the world has got its knickers in a twist.  Highly optimized to point of extinction so by repeatedly, and in the nicest of possible ways, asking ‘Why?’ we challenge convention.  It reduces risk and allows us to sprinkle the best of today with our tomorrow to solve those nuts that just can’t be cracked using old school tricks.  Think of it as playing nicely but then we don’t get called when things are running smoothly :-).

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