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The value of IP

To patent or not to patent? It’s certainly an interesting question. The recent $533 million award against Apple for infringement of iTunes related IPR (http://goo.gl/jwcHsK) may be overturned but nonetheless is a clear reminder of the importance of establishing an intellectual property position.

In a rapidly evolving, knowledge based economy, deconstructing an instinctive understanding to pin down what is truly innovative in any given product or idea can actually be harder than that eureka moment itself. After all even in today‚Äôs high speed world, it is not the ‘what’ but the ‘how’ & ‘why’ that often holds the true value.

With significant cost implications the choice of what to do next is myriad with some opting to publish in obscure magazines while others rely on the humble but tried & tested logbook. The recent 2014 European Patent Office’s report (http://goo.gl/iAJmYT) shows that increasing numbers are choosing this most expensive form of protection.

Apple may or may not win and certainly has the firepower to argue in a way that most entrepreneurs can only dream. Either way before filing it is worth remembering the age old adage – quality not quantity. Headline numbers (skewed by tax and promotional incentives) should be treated only as such.

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