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Step away from the keyboard!

Sending an e-mail is often used as a pretext for having actioned a task.  It is of course no such thing – more an expedient excuse.  A fire and forget one way ticket with the utility of a high speed carrier pigeon or worse a message in a bottle.  With 90% of communication non-verbal, text arriving on a screen is extraordinarily reliant on a pre-assumed world view and the demeanour of the receiver.  It gets even murkier when Cc’ing. Actioning something? Not really. Covering yourself? More likely.

E-mail aside, looking at the educational arms race between advanced economies (bachelors, masters, doctorate) alongside the push for ever greater globalised digital working, it is clear good communication skills will give significant advantage to the next generation of school levers.  After all in a world where 7 year olds use Google sketch-up / 3D printers / scratch programming, technological fluency is a given but the ability to relate face to face, across disciplines, between nationalities – now that will be a rare commodity indeed.

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