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Mitutoyo help Surface Generation to develop aerospace parts

Every gram counts when designing and building lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft, therefore the ability to economically mass-produce lightweight, yet strong high-precision composite components represents a major aim of the global aerospace industry.

When using the company’s proprietary Production to Functional Specification (PtFS) systems to develop a highly-efficient and cost-effective method of producing aero engine structural guide vanes, made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic, the staff of Surface Generation Ltd worked closely with Mitutoyo UK’s Measurement Services Department to ensure the regular supply of high-precision inspection data.

Surface Generation Ltd was established in 2002 to develop and commercialise its unique PtFS process. Following two decades of technical advancements and impressive levels of growth, the company now boasts a large international customer base. Surface Generation’s clients utilise PtFS to optimise their use of advanced composite materials and to enable highly controlled and efficient manufacturing to take place. The use of PtFS is not limited to fibre reinforced composites and may be successfully used to process unfilled thermoplastics, advanced metals and glass.