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The Meaning of Light

SAMPE Seattle 2023 saw the launch of Surface Generation’s Project 42, a manufacturing technology showcase for next level XR / VR / AR headsets and a fundamental step towards opening up the Metaverse.

Analysing current best-in-class AR, VR & XR hardware, the Surface Generation team created custom head gear with an average weight saving of 42%, clearer sharper displays and superior thermal management – in essence gear that significantly enhances the wearers virtual experience.

Drawing on 15 years of technology development, 10 years of propulsion & structural component light weighting and 5 years of ground-breaking optical R&D, Surface Generation’s patented PtFS moulding process provides a unique platform to merge components, reduce mass and transform products. Project 42 is the perfect vehicle to demonstrate exactly what 100% PtFS can do.

Announcing Project 42, Ben Halford, Surface Generation’s CEO, said ‘By going back to the beginning, we tested the good / bad / ugly and concluded that, if after 5 minutes users were overheating, their eyes and necks were sore, the augmented Metaverse was going to be over before it had even started.

PtFS gives us the freedom to take a different tack where optimal is possible from the get-go, blending a combination of precision optics, localised selective reinforcement, over moulding, light weighting and component unification, the team could re write the rules. They even kept an eye on moments and inertia – after all the real world doesn’t stay still, and neither have we!’


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