Project 42

Having worked with leading AR, VR & XR vendors, the SG team realised that to the key barrier preventing mass adoption is not software but hardware.  Form factor, optical quality, weight and heat build-up in current devices are not where they need to be.  By meticulously analysing todays best-in-class headsets including those from Microsoft, Meta, VIVE, Valve & Sony, SG determined that a step change in all of these can be implemented today.

With 10 years light weighting propulsion & structural components and 5 years of ground-breaking optical innovation, we decided it was time to pull together these unique abilities in a public demonstration of what exactly 100% PtFS can do.

Welcome to Project 42

A catalyst for the Metaverse

By freeing up designers to produce thinner, lighter, freeform structures that go beyond current design and manufacturing restrictions, the Surface Generation team broke convention by creating custom head gear with an average weight saving of 42%, clearer sharper images (e.g. stress free ultra-flat lenses), superior passive thermal management and most importantly a next level user experience.

This unique unified approach delivers optimal from the get-go.  Blending precision optics, localised reinforcement, over moulding, light weighting and component unification allowed the team to re-write the rules.

And the consumer? Less weight, lower moments & inertia, reduced noise, longer battery life and designs that lower device costs, make the Metaverse a reality today.

Interested in finding out more? Watch the video, check out the stats and give us a call to arrange a demo of the real thing.

The details

The Surface Generation team carried out tear downs across the spectrum of VR, AR & XR products and, using PtFS, created lightweighted versions of applicable structural components along with custom precision optics1. Through a combination of simulation, extrapolation, empirical testing and prototype builds we identified improvements that could be achieved today. Examples of these wins are highlighted in the table below:

*     75% wall section reduction
**    from centre of head
***  internally funded fully working hardware inc. standard optics


The Project 42 technology when applied to Meta’s Quest 2 (known as Project 42 Q2) results in a fully working passively cooled headset that incorporates PtFS’ structural components and precision optics alongside the remaining original manufacturer’s components.

All third party products, names and logos are the property of their respective owners. All products and accompanying figures shown are for reference and comparative purposes only, demonstrating the results that can be obtained by using Surface Generation’s patented PtFS technology to lightweight structural and optical components.

1 as such the components are not directly equivalent.