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Taking the PtFS?

Yes PtFS is yet another acronym but there’s a universal law that says we have to have one and for some reason we also have to call it a ‘process’.  Not sure when either of those got grandfathered into the vernacular but far be it from us to fight convention so let’s blame some historical […]

Applications applications applications

3D printing, injection molding, compression molding, hot forming are just a few of the things we’re up to at the moment.  It’s all been a little strange over the past few years as whatever we try with PtFS seems to work with fairly hefty benefits like 75% reduction in pressures and 95% less energy.  We’d […]


Toyota’s decision to share 5,000+ patents to help speed the introduction of a hydrogen fuel-cell society as an interesting piece of strategic thinking.  Philanthropy and standards aside, the admission that the problem is too big for even a company of its size to crack is a reminder that displacing an incumbent (petrol) is often even […]

The Wattle & Daub

Welcome to the ‘Wattle and Daub’ – our blog.  A tribute to humanity’s first composite which will feature a mix of company, technical and industry pieces.  ‘Published’ on a somewhat regular basis we’ll try and keep it lively / informative so please enjoy, comment and if of interest share.

2015 Show Season

Surface Generation will be exhibiting and giving papers throughout the year around the world at SAMPE (26 February, Warwick UK), JEC Composites (10-12 March, Paris France); SME AeroDef manufacturing (21-22 April, Dallas USA), SAMPE (19-20 May, Baltimore USA), SAMPE (15-17 Sept, Amiens France), CAMX (27-29 October, Dallas USA), with more to follow soon. Come and […]

New Year – New website

Welcome to Surface Generation’s new website. With all the latest technology, company, media and employment news we hope you find it interesting and easy to navigate.  Please check back regularly for announcements and updates as we look forward to another year of re-defining the world of process control.